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Person wearing a VR headset interacting with a 3D model of machinery, while another person views the same model on a tablet. This image represents Sales & Marketing Support of Braind

Sales Catalogues

Enhance the sales process creating shared immersive spaces with digital twins and 3D Model for a digital preview of physical products catalogue. It’s Braind Immersive Catalogue. Certainly usefull also in events, to present the entire arsenal of products directly in the booth in an engaging and interactive way, allowing visitors to explore every feature and advantage with a simple touch.¬†

3D & Interactive immersive catalogues

BRAIND-Sales Immervise Catalogue revolutionizes the sales process by offering an interactive and comprehensive product visualization experience. Through detailed visualizations, it not only enhances sales team training but also empowers potential buyers to vividly envision the equipment within their specific business settings. This advanced tool seamlessly integrates with the sales workflow, providing a dynamic and interactive platform that optimizes customer engagement and decision-making.


Interactive Visualization: Showcase products in a 3D environment, allowing customers to explore features and benefits in a more engaging way.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide a dynamic and immersive experience that helps customers better understand and appreciate your products.


Remote Visualization: Allow customers to explore large machinery pieces in detail without the need to move or transport the actual items.


Real-Time Updates: Instantly update product information and availability, ensuring customers always have access to the latest offerings.

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