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immersive training

Immersive Training & Digital Twin Simulations

Enable the workforce to learn machinery and tool procedures providing individual virtual training and self-assessment.

Immersive and interactive learning experiences

BraIND 4.0 virtual training step by step with Mixed Reality

By integrating BRAIND-Training & Simulations into their training procedures, manufacturers can transform the way employees acquire and develop crucial skills. Our XR technology offers immersive and interactive learning experiences, delivering visual guidance via step-by-step instructions. This enables workers to interact with digital overlays on real-world environments, equipment, or machinery. Additionally, our solution facilitates on-the-job training at workstations or on the factory floor, while also providing simulations for practicing intricate tasks or resolving challenges within a secure virtual setting.


Enhancing comprehension and retention of training materials through a hands-on approach


Consistent quality and efficiency across operations ensured by accessing knowledge in real-time


Reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to production schedules by learning new tasks or procedures while performing workers' duties


Improving understanding and reducing the likelihood of errors or accidents during training and actual operations


Enhancing competency and confidence through hands-on learning without the risk of damaging equipment or causing harm

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