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Features made for a complete new way of remote collaboration

Save travel costs and time

Video calls made for remote problem solving. Highest quality – even in low bandwidth environments.

Remote Support with Video Call

  • Full HD video and audio calls

  • Many-to-many communication

  • Augmented reality annotations

  • Whiteboard functionality on top of a frozen stream

  • Full hardware control of camera, microphone and flashlight

  • We operate our own global server infrastructure for best video call performance

Empower your workforce

When a problem solving procedure is already documented, a step-by-step guideline can be provided.

Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Simple instructions with text, images and videos

  • Easy to model in our authoring environment

  • Advanced instructions in AR with 3D content

  • Our "X-Ray" viewer allows to take a look in the inside of machines for advanced fault diagnosis and spare part orderings

  • Provide knowledge about machines and processes at the scene of action

key benefits.

Increased Reliability


Reduction of Production Line Downtime


Increased Safety


More Adherence to Procedures

One Solution for Different Devices

BraIND 4.0 enables hands-free collaboration with different kind of smart glasses.

Fully Integrated!

Solution for industrial machinery manufacturers who need to differentiate themselves and offer superior man-machine interfaces and performances.

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An Extensive
Understanding of Complex Manufacturing Needs

Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality modules run on the latest version of Microsoft HoloLens and have been ported to other devices such as Nreal.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms are developed using TensorFlow with optional hardware accelerations based on Intel Movidius and OpenVino.

Security & Privacy

To meet security and privacy needs, the platform is designed to be used either in the Cloud or in a local walled garden.

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