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Assembly support

3D Guides, Checklists & Manuals:

Guide the on-field operator to successfully complete tasks with step-by-step 3D manuals and digital twins.

IoT Data Visualization & Analytics:

Acquire, manage, extract and display real-time data from any source (IoT sensors, MES, ERP, PLC, etc.) and collect feedback from on-field operators.

Pre-prototyping, relayouting & Collaborative Design:

Ensure physical constraints of virtual prototypes and maintain compliance with ergonomics rules and safety policies. Additionally, speed up internal feedback process during design and prototyping phases, connecting from everywhere at any time.

Digitalize and facilitate your Assembly Support

Introducing Braind comprehensive production’s modules designed to revolutionize operations for modern businesses.

Seamlessly integrating immersive 3D guides, checklists, and manuals, our platform streamlines training processes and enhances task execution. Firstly, take your design process to new heights with collaborative design modules, fostering creativity and informed decision-making. In addition, harnessing the power of data visualization, analytics, and IoT capabilities. Braind Digital Twin platform empowers organizations to optimize performance and minimize downtime.


Accelerating complex instructions increasing worker productivity and satisfaction


Optimizing workflows and enhance safety and compliance


Improving quality, precision, efficiency and field verifications


Facilitating iterative design processes, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly and make informed decisions in real-time


Real-time monitoring and analysis of production processes, leading to better quality control and reduced defects