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 Digital Twin & Augmented  
  Intelligence For Smart Factories 

Digital Twin & Augmented Intelligence For Smart Factories


Braind leverages XR and AI technologies to empower workers with key information reducing mistakes, increasing productivity and cutting machinery downtime. It contains all the features which help improving workflows and workplace safety.

BRAIND covers four application domains

We offer a platform composed by several modules which can be combined to adapt to each company needs.

Each module and sub-module can be fully customized based on the client’s needs and adapted to its specific tasks, data type and environment.

Assembly Support

Braind assists the worker during the maintenance checklist and troubleshooting.

Remote Assistance

Braind connects workers with the fully 3D remote assistance: it offers the possibility of a remote expert who is able to share content in real-time and see what operator is doing.

Immersive Training

Braind offers even a virtual training platform which can be used by a single or multiple workers.

Sales & Marketing Support

Braind helps creating shared spaces with digital twins and 3D models for a interactive preview of physical products catalogue.

Discover what BRAIND can do for your company

Download the brochure to find in-depth information about the services we provide for Industry 4.0 or request for a call back.

You can come and find us at the next event we will participate. Get an on-hand experience at SPS Italia 2024 at Pavilion 7 – Start Up Area – Stand B065. The event will be held the 28-30 May in Parma (Italy).

If you miss out, don’t worry! You will find us at many other events soon.
We support

Braind supports the most popular XR devices but also traditional Pc, smartphone and tablet. Braind also offers the opportunity to project the experience onto an external screen by mirroring, allowing anyone without a device to be involved.

Being multi-device and multi-channel make Braind flexible for every use case and adaptable to our customers’ needs.